We are an inclusive school that welcomes children from all backgrounds and abilities.

The Board of Governors of St. Teresa’s Primary School

The Board of Governors of St Teresa’s Primary School applies the regulations on admissions fairly and equally to all those who wish to attend this school.

Aims & Objectives

We are an inclusive school that welcomes children from all backgrounds and abilities.

The only restriction we place on entry is that of number. If the number of children applying for entry exceeds the places available, we enforce the procedure set out below in order to determine whether a child is accepted or not. It is our wish to allow parents the right to have a place at the school of their choice. However, this may not always be possible, due to the excess demand on the school places available.

All applications will be treated on merit and in a sensitive manner.

The level of ability of a child or any special needs that she/he may have plays no part in the admissions policy of this school.

How parents can apply for their child to be admitted to our school

As our school is a Catholic Maintained school, the school determines the admission arrangements in agreement with the EA.

The EA publishes a composite admissions prospectus each year, which gives information about how parents can apply for a place in the school of their choice.

Parents have a right to express a preference for the school of their choice and they should do so on the application form.

Expressing a preference does not, in itself, guarantee at place at this school.

Application forms can be obtained from St Teresa’s Primary School and should be completed by the date stipulated on the forms.

The school notifies parents about the school place as soon as all the applications have been considered.

The date will be clearly stated in the EA Prospectus (which will be online this year)

The date for admissions of the online portal opens on 7th January 2021 and return of forms for the academic year 2021-2022 is 12 noon Friday 29th January 2020.

In this area, children enter school in the academic year they become five.

There is one admissions date per year, early in September (i.e. at the start of the school year).

Enrolment and Admissions

The enrolment number is the number of children the school can accommodate.  The enrolment number for our school is 203 with an admission number in a year group of 29.  Department of Education keep this number under review and the governors will apply to change the number if circumstances allow.

Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1

We teach Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 children (aged five to seven) in classes that have a maximum number of 30 children.  Exceptional circumstances may apply.

Mission Statement

We, in St. Teresa’s Primary School, aim to provide a happy, caring, secure and child-centred environment where each person is valued for their efforts and achievements.