Assessment builds on what happens in the classroom and focuses on continuous monitoring by your child’s teacher about each child’s knowledge, understanding and skills development.

Teachers can use different assessments and you will have the opportunity to meet your child’s teacher in the autumn term (P1 September and P1-P7 November) to discuss his/her progress to date.

Assessment Timetable

Teachers are willing to meet parents throughout the year to discuss their child’s progress or any concern which has arisen. 

Please telephone the office to arrange an appointment.

Diagnostic assessment 

Diagnostic assessment will help support children in their learning by helping teachers to find out if they are having any particular difficulties, or if they need a greater challenge.

At the end of each school year you will receive a report informing you of your child’s strengths, skills and areas for development across the curriculum. You will also receive a copy of your child’s standardised test results (P3-P7).


St. Teresa’s regards homework as an important part of school life. Homework provides children with an opportunity to practise and consolidate work completed in school, as well as encouraging the development of self-discipline and independent learning.

Home Work Policy

Parent Workshops

We host a range of workshops that inform and support parents, for example workshops in Phonics, Reading Strategies, Mental Maths, Homeworks and Internet Awareness.

Mission Statement

We, in St. Teresa’s Primary School, aim to provide a happy, caring, secure and child-centred environment where each person is valued for their efforts and achievements.