Board of Governors

The Governors are ultimately responsible for the overall management of the school, and in practice delegate its day to day running to the Principal. They are required to meet a minimum of three times each year but in practice meet more often than this.

Their duties include:

  • The oversight of the curriculum
  • The control of the budget
  • Selection of staff and other personnel responsibilities
  • Admissions Policy and Criteria School Maintenance (shared responsibility with SELB)

Mr J NewsTrustee Representative
Mrs F HamillEA-Southern Representative
Mr B MageeTrustee Representative
Mrs M McCorryParent Representative
Mr P O’NeillParent Representative
Mr P CaseyTrustee Representative
Mrs A McConaghyTrustee Representative
Mrs Mulholland Teacher Representative
Mr KearneyPrincipal - Non-Voting

Mission Statement

We, in St. Teresa’s Primary School, aim to provide a happy, caring, secure and child-centred environment where each person is valued for their efforts and achievements.