Meeting Individual Needs

Class Organisation

All classes are mixed ability. The size of the class will depend on the number of children in each age group. We aim to ensure that teaching and learning is matched to the abilities and needs of the children.

To ensure continuity and progression throughout the school, each class follows schemes of work in each subject area which are part of an overall school scheme, based on the Northern Ireland Curriculum

Special Educational Needs

Each child has individual abilities and needs. We recognise that some children require more individualised teaching approaches and we endeavour to provide a programme which suits the ability of each child.

The needs of children with learning difficulties are the shared responsibility of the whole staff, under the guidance of the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator.

Where a child with special education needs is identified, an Individual Education Plan is written. Regular monitoring of the child’s progress is carried out and close contact between home and school is maintained throughout the year. If necessary, advice may be sought from the Peripatetic Service, Speech and Language Service, Behaviour Support Team Education Welfare Officer and/or the Educational Psychologist.

Six classroom assistants are trained in Reading Partnership and deliver an intensive one-to-one reading programme over ten weeks which is designed to improve the standard of reading of the children involved.

Two staff members have been trained in the Numeracy ‘Catch Up’ programme which aims to develop young children’s mathematical skills.

St. Teresa’s also has a number of experienced classroom assistants who are assigned tasks and duties directly related to those children with a specific need. This can help consolidate the activities and learning introduced by the teacher.

Gifted children, or very able children, who have outstanding potential in one or more areas of the curriculum, are also catered for. St.aff endeavour to extend such children through a variety of activities and resources.

The Special Educational Needs Policy is reviewed annually and a copy of the Policy is available on request from the Principal.

Mission Statement

We, in St. Teresa’s Primary School, aim to provide a happy, caring, secure and child-centred environment where each person is valued for their efforts and achievements.